Overview of the consortium

The consortium includes six European National Metrology Institutes (NMI) with leading knowledge in the field of electrical AC power, DC and AC high voltage and high current metrology. Complementary to the NMI expertise is the contribution from 4 external funded partners: 3 universities, which provide their academic knowledge on voltage and current sensors characterisation and testing, as well as on signal processing, and 1 research centre which is particularly active in the field of verification of ITs and strongly involved in the relevant standardisation organisations.
Each partner contributes to the project, by his expertise and facilities, providing his own specific contribution, but always acting in collaboration with the other partners to achieve the project objectives.


Coordinator: Gabriella Crotti, INRIM

Strada delle Cacce, 91
10135 Torino, ITALY


(+39) 0113919826


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